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Discussion in 'Scams' started by AssholeGear, Jul 13, 2018.

  1. AssholeGear

    AssholeGear New Member

    Fuck these fucks.

    Got a new PC so they locked my account from ALL devices. Won't send the fucking verification email. Then asked me BY EMAIL for my name, SSN, card #, etc.

    Cancelled card and reported this to my creators, gonna lodge complaint at the BBB and FTC. And anywhere else that will listen.

    And obviously this is an issue Patreon knows about and only sends their Indian-engrished outsources mass-replied that make it clear on the first line they have NO IDEA what my complaint was about. Or even a basic understanding of english. Or customer service.

    Called them. They're even more useless. Literally told me they can't do anything because their verification email server simply isn't working and hasn't for ~3 months.

    Oh, but they still feel it's entirely acceptible to lock people out of their accounts and deny them the ability to change or stop payment.

    Cheating stealing fucktards.

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