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No...Something's here is wrong

Discussion in 'Are you pissed off?' started by Taco_King, Dec 23, 2018.

  1. Taco_King

    Taco_King New Member

    There's something wrong with my family's that I have raised a bastard kid's and get not accept by my aunt(which I can barely care because she's doesn't make any sense) I like comic-book, video games and anything geek and unique BUT I know I don't want a kids or wife because their not my first priorities, I'm not giving up my way of life for screaming, annoyed and even downright cruel kids, but why the universe is going all the way to force something that's doesn't need to be, I don't want partner or kids but why your going put something that's not there, I'm not good or bad I'm decent. If I have taught society no is no regard who you are like I say "you're not god, devil or anything that killed someone and get away with it or make something different).
  2. Dark Fire

    Dark Fire Member

    Kids can be annoying - I'm I reading it right that they're not yours?
    It's often the case that you get lumbered with someone else children and their problems are now yours. Have you spoken to the other half?
  3. Taco_King

    Taco_King New Member

    I tried but both sie play the victim card.

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