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Life's sh*t and God sucks

Discussion in 'Are you pissed off?' started by Buzzybee, Mar 24, 2021.

  1. Buzzybee

    Buzzybee Guest

    I hate people. I hate God. Nobody wants to know me because I'm too damaged from what OTHER people have done to me! Thanks God. No man on earth wants to have a wife and children anymore. Even if they do, they act like spoilt kids, and beat and abise their poor wife. Police, judges etc. don't care! Nowadays it's more acceptable for men to sleep with, and play house with other men than to even so much as look at a woman. Men even prefer relationships with children, blow-up dolls, and almost anything but a real, live woman.

    Even though I'm sick of God crapping on me, I'd never join the satanists because it's just bullsh*t. Everything's bullsh*t. All these so-called successful people with nice lives are only successful in caring what other people think of them. I really sick of it. I only ever wanted 4 decent friends, a husband & kids, a career I love with a good income and to own a decent stable home to live in.

    Why does God mock me? Why am I denied these things? I'm 36 God has zero mercy!! There are sick, mean and nasty bit*hes who have these things and more, it's like God wants me to kill people. I feel like killing child predators and annoyingly rude people all the time.

    I HATE the way God doesn't give people the life they deserve even when they clearly ask him for it. I don't get it. Does God punish some for a laugh? Is he looking down on us, laughing at our pain and misery? It's unbearable. I didn't ask to be born.

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