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i really pissed off some guys now they want to kill me

Discussion in 'Did you piss somebody off?' started by moostapla, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. moostapla

    moostapla New Member

    i really pissed off some guys now they want to kill me,

    i mad some enemies at a site wich has lots of anime porn and fighting.....anyway i said to some crazy guy called jason who rules the site that he is fat and he really didnt appreciate it, but the worstthign was that i owed him like $20 cos i bet that he wouldnt fight an elderly man and he did, he proved me wrong by posting the pics on the site , but anyway i didnt pay him and now he wants to kill me , someone through a brick at my car the other day i think it was him

  2. Jehovah

    Jehovah New Member

    That's not good .
  3. fatguy

    fatguy New Member

    omg ur so fuked
  4. Antagonism

    Antagonism Member

    Making enemies isn´t such a terrible thing. It helps bring balance to society. Whereas there can be no good without evil, there can´t be friendship without animosity.
  5. Ben Dover

    Ben Dover Member

    wonder if he's dead... he disappeared the day after he wrote this?
  6. Turn the bastard in for hurting an elderly man!! What a sick dude he is, man! What a chicken-shit to even think about hurting someone more helpless and weaker than he. He's a fuckin' bully, call the fucking police on him! I would kick his ass if I could - to the ground, then I'd call the police. (If you kick his ass, wear latex gloves - no fingerprints).

    Our elderly deserve respect - always!!! So do the ones that are more helpless, hopeless, in need of special care.

    And don't fucking ever dare someone to hurt a helpless person. Just come rant here!
  7. Oh! Ben - you mean the initial poster disappeared after writing what he wrote?

    Nimrod! What a Nancy!
  8. myles taylor

    myles taylor New Member

    I would upset him to fuckin website looks gay anyway . go find him tell him to fuck the fuck off or you will leave him where you find him ha ha , im always pissing somebody off ha ha
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 21, 2013
  9. Jehovah

    Jehovah New Member

  10. yupyup44

    yupyup44 Member

    You're so full of shit...

    I would throw a brick at you...
  11. Perspicacious

    Perspicacious New Member

    Oh, woe is me.
  12. Dark Fire

    Dark Fire Member

    Dude, buy a gun and fuck them up first. :)
  13. Arhus

    Arhus Member

    That's illegal.
  14. Dark Fire

    Dark Fire Member

    If you get caught

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