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Faulty Service - Psychologist and Psychiatrist!!

Discussion in 'Too Good to be True' started by Naps With Cats, May 29, 2011.

  1. Yeah, I was misdiagnosed in the 10-15 minutes tops the ass-bite Psychiatrist talked to me, served up a ton of medicines that instantly created the zombie I am (angry zombie and I move faster than a zombie). So while I'm all fucked up on this medication, really not sure who I even am, the FREAK Psychologist somehow creates a belief system in me that he is the only one; ends up coming to my house for fucking sex (I'm now a/sexual and relieved about that; never again!!) - this went on for 6 months at my house and in the office.

    I consider this VERY faulty service.

    Turned the bastard in; he got accused by the Attorney General's office; decided to sue a year later (wasn't going to - didn't want to go through all that, having been a Legal Secretary/Paralegal for so long) - he fucking lied like the sick dog's poo on a shoe; like used diapers in the sun, like the downstairs neighbor's owner (believe me, it was equivalent or worse) and lied all the way to the end. I got a good settlement, but my pompous ass attorney quit before I was ready - nothing would have been enough and he just wanted it to end 'cause we'd been mediating 10 hours.

    I wanted to go to trial but the frickin' fucking judge chose to bifurcate to the 2 trials because the Psychiatrist would be "unduly prejudiced" against by the actions of the Psychologist, and the trials were going to last at least 3 weeks each. Defense was fucking ready, the judge knew, they're all fucking liars, the defense, at the MSC offered me a mediation. I couldn't last through 2 back-to-back 3 week a piece trials with the lesser one going first, so I took it. It actually pissses me off - I piss me off because I really wanted this to be public and publicized.

    Because of me (and my attorney for adding the Psychiatrist which I didn't ask him to name in the Complaint (He literally filed it before letting me review it and he fucked up some places and dates which IIIIIIII had to deal with in my 3 days of depositions with the 5 defense attorneys.) Argh! Attorneys!!!

    Well, for me it was a LOT of money, but it's gone now.

    If I just didn't take that first medication, I'm guessing I'd still be making decent bucks downtown Los Angeles where I had been working. Makes me sick what I've become and
    too weak to exercise anymore, bones degenerating from C-3 to lower lumbar, hips, knees -
    I HATE myself and that I EVER went to a fucking therapist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now I HAVE to go to a Psychiatrist to keep on with the meds; I've tried going off slowly several times - doesn't work, I go insane. Now that I've moved back to home town, I
    actually found a Brazilian Psychiatrist, so I can talk to him in Portuguese and he always answers back in English, but it keeps my "chops" up so I don't forget the Portuguese. Plus he has a low tone AND doesn't try hard to coerce me into different medications.

    It's MEEEEEEEEE, It's MEEEEEEEEE I hate!!!!!!!!! (Plus all human beings, the majority being ANYone in a "power-over" type position, i.e., boss, doctor, fucking mental doctors who suck to Earth's end, parents, teachers, mentors, ANYone. I hate them all!)

    Have a great night/day everyone.

  2. Dark Fire

    Dark Fire Member

    Oh dear - that's tragic. :(
  3. Arhus

    Arhus Member

    You need medication, it's pretty obvious Miss.

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