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Domain Name Theft

Discussion in 'Domain Name Scams' started by w o l f, Jun 18, 2011.

  1. w o l f

    w o l f Guest

    This is my first posting here. :) I suppose that will be the only pleasant remark I will make.
    Yes, I have had a domain name stolen from me. :mad:
    This occurred in mid-May, 2011 and it was a name I owned for 12 years !!! :mad:

    It now is owned by someone in China and is registered in China.

    I had it registered with www.GoDaddy.com and I can't believe how unprotected it was and how little they have done to recover it. (if they ever do, which I seriously doubt).

    The agency that (supposedly) is in charge of all domain names www.ICANN.org is totally useless and utterly powerless at retrieving my domain name. What exactly does ICANN do? Well, amoong other things, they are the people that conceived of the "dot museum" and "dot ws" domain names. Yes, instead of trying to recover domain names, they spend their time thinking up such "important" ideas as this. (Has anyone ever seen even one website with one of those names?) :mad:

    Is it possible for GoDaddy or ICANN to do even less than they already don't do?

    Okay, I think I have started a good topic here. Please let's see some real anger.
  2. Hi W o l f,

    I wish I was angry, but feeling useless at the moment.

    I have never seen ""dot museum" [or] "dot ws" domain names."

    Also, I've never had my own domain name - the closest I come is having Photobucket and 99.9% is of my beloved cats.

    Did they steal your Domain name in the country in which you had it registered and did you register it for a limited time only and it may have lapsed? Did you have it registered in all countries? Here in Cali-fuckin'-fornia, if you don't want it used in any other country, you have to register it in every country.

    Fuckin' greedy-ass-bites everywhere, I tell ya! I'm sorry to hear this happened to you!

    Bottom line? PEOPLE SUCK (Lie, Steal, Cheat) the mother-fuckers!

  3. yupyup44

    yupyup44 Member

    Does it make you mad that you're so fucking stupid?

    If you can't believe how unprotected it is then why did you register with them? Do you have down syndrome? That would be the only excuse for your fucking stupidity.

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