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Bad boys vs good guys

Discussion in 'Are you pissed off?' started by Madman, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. Madman

    Madman New Member

    Today, Monday 07 November 2011 I finally found out what I should do.
    After living for almost 24 years and have experienced rejection in atleast 10 years, I have figured out that I should become an asshole.

    Until now I have really seen myself as a good guy, someone who respects women more than myself, even though they only have hurt me in return.
    I have also "saved" me, to find the right one, I'm not Christian, so it is perhaps not the smartest decision. I thought as the good guy I was so it had a nice action against my future girlfriend.
    Screw that.
    I had also decided to love one more than anything else in the world, try to do everything I could ever had done for that person.
    What I really learned in 10 years, is that girls do not care about it. Girls wants a real asshole who crushes them every time. All girls want is a badboy, one that they can change, even though he is only looking for one thing , but girls are not so careful. If only they have the ability and change him. But then they complain that he is only looking for one thing, and that is the kind of guy girls want.
    Some may say, "All girls dont want a badboy" , I might agree, but to find a girl who do not want one, is like winning the lottery and find a needle in a haystack at once. Equally likely atleast.
    If you are a badboy however, you get girls to love you without really doing anything, other than being an asshole.
    It is perhaps more special and romantic to actually meet the one you love and who love you, but if you are an asshole, you can actually choose between X number of girls who love you.
    I only had one dream, it was to be loved, but it was too much to ask. Of all the girls in the world, I only wanted one to love me. It was too much to ask.

    Good guys vs badboy:

    Good guys always care about the girl, think about their feelings.
    Badboy really do not care at all except for themselves.
    Good guys will not lie to the girls they are interested in.
    Badboy will lie to until they get into bed with the girl.
    Good guys wants to only meet the right, on the "right" way.
    Badboy will meet one that stands out from the rest, and they can just fuck through the rest.
    Good guys are struggling to find a single one.
    Badboy can pick and choose.

    So the conclusion is that to have honest intentions are useless, if you want to be happy you must be a badboy, or what i have always called them, an asshole.
    I've actually always hated badboy, because for me it was the greatest sin to break the heart to a girl. They do it time after time after time, I've had alot of friends that are girls in my life, but it's always there a good guy relationship ends, as a friend. Being a friend with a girl is useless in many ways, all I have learned from that is that being a goodguy you will be put on the sidelines, watching them get crushed by boy after boy after boy, and the only way you ever get into play, is when you are the absolute last option. Who wants to be the last option? I don't want to be the person who is a girl decide to go for, after having been through a number of badboy.

    I so far have been in love once in my life, have had 2 girlfriends when I was about 13, both relationships ended fast. The one crush I had was when I was 14 and I was in love with her in god knows how many years, all I got out of it, 3 times a broken heart. She flirted a little with me, then she got a boyfriend, then they broke up. So she comes back flirting with me, then she got togheter with another guy. Break up.
    Then she came back to me and flirting, and a new guy again.
    All of the boys she got togheter with was badboys, what I got for four years being crushed was, I got to kiss her once. I still loved her, but I gave up then. I would not be able to get my heart broken once again.

    That is one of my problems, girls have broken me down so much , that I struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts for 10 years. That's what I have gained from being a goodguy, a completely horrible life, a lonely life, a life where I wake up in the morning and try to find out if I have a reason to live or not. That's what I got for being the guy girls "want".

    It's the biggest lie in world, girls wants a goodguy.
    I have to really laugh at myself, and have really lost all respect I have ever had for girls.

    I won't say I have answers, but after 10 years on the market, and a number friends who are girl, it's just one thing all of them had in common, each one of them wanted a badguys, and they wanted to change them to someone like me. Extremely ironic?

    So what I really wanted to say was that the girls have themselves to blame, it's their own fault that they get hurt, and they will continue to be hurt, atleast as long as I live, so we'll see if all that changes in the future, that evolution actually manage to change the girls.

    Now I will start training to become the biggest asshole on the town.
    So watch out ladies.
  2. powder

    powder New Member

    So you say being a bad boy is more fun than a good guy and if you wanna have more fun, you have to be bad boy. But what if I am happy when my girl is happy? I think that I would have much more fun with that than some other bad boy :D
  3. fuckfuckfuck

    fuckfuckfuck New Member

    girls like to be used, they wont admit it though
  4. yupyup44

    yupyup44 Member

    You know what's fucking funny?

    People will try to make you feel guilty for thinking women are heartless.

    I have observed women fucking with my emotions since I was born.

    Women do not care about you.... They care about procreation (having a baby)

    If you cannot give them a baby that looks good to them then you are worthless.

    The shit is not complicated.
  5. theartofwar

    theartofwar New Member

    while whose good homunculus meditate about what is the rigth way - the darksiders have awesome parties. so - where is the question?
  6. D Stood

    D Stood New Member

    Hey Madman! Why don't you try crack-cocaine? That's pretty bad - just my suggestion :)
  7. yupyup44

    yupyup44 Member

    No arguing with that, I'll walk the streets hittin' smack and cussin' out the poLICE and the ladies will be all "Fuck he's bad! I better disrobe"
  8. Megaheat

    Megaheat New Member

    Aw....sad to see a guy give into that. I hope you found a decent woman out there (we do exist...and we're not all lesbians....yet). I agree that shitty people transcend all gender and ethnicity, but I also think that the good people out there just have to stay strong. Know when to be an ass to someone and just be that much kinder to the ones you love.

    It just doesn't make sense to "love" someone but treat them like crap. Don't try it...

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