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Discussion in 'Did you piss somebody off?' started by Naps With Cats, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. Every fucking day I piss off my Himalayan "Chief Red Cloud" (not on purpose) because he has to be combed every single day and his little smooshy face cleaned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (I love him to Death - I never pull because of their very feathery skin and use a Greyhound comb)

    (Chief Red Cloud in Shelter BEFORE
    I adopted him - filthy, dirty, scummy,
    matted, had finished ringworm treatement
    so was the smelliest cat I ever smelled) . . .
    but I saw "beyond the fault and saw the need"


    (Chief Red Cloud now)


  2. D Stood

    D Stood New Member

    I have to say that you have made a GREAT job on looking after this wonderful cat. He looks soooooooo cute.

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