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My dissertation tutor was pissed off with me

Discussion in 'Did you piss somebody off?' started by Antagonism, Dec 16, 2009.

  1. Antagonism

    Antagonism Member

    To finish London Met Uni, I had to do a dissertation for Creative Writing. I was assigned to one of the elder, more veteran tutors and we got along well until the end. After recieving his feedback on my work, he called me into his office to discuss it... and said he was disappointed that I hadn't made up for my short comings and how I hadn't always listened to him.

    We spent half a year together and the old bastard has to let fly his petty little feelings like that. A guy with old, little, brittle teeth had to take a cheap shot at me in the end because I didn't measure up to his expectations! However experienced you are, you can't do that to somebody at the end of any assignment for such a little thing. It's out of line!
  2. What a fuckin' dirt bag! So are you going to pass, or is the ass going to give you a bad grade?

    He's obviously wayyyy old school to think a person has to think like him, the mother fuck-head!
  3. Ben Dover

    Ben Dover Member

    Did you even look to notice that this thread is 1 1/2 years old?
  4. NO! Because I'm a mother-fuckin' dumb-fuck! I SO wish I were gone! (Not because of this - just got some stuff out in pissed off forum. I'm still pissed off). It's actually funny that I'm so stupid that I didn't realize how old this thread was. Mental Illness. Ignorance is such piss.
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  5. Antagonism

    Antagonism Member

    A very subtle and meaningful use of the alphabet, I like your style. The trouble is my tutor also accepted the fact that at times I had followed his method. He could be critical, but at the same time he was understanding. He once told me not to beat myself up too much, so he wasn´t all so bad.

    Unfortunately for me.
  6. Well, as long as you're okay with what he said. I think I would have kicked his knee. lol
  7. Ben Dover

    Ben Dover Member

    This actually made me laugh at loud, thank you! :eek:
  8. De nada, o prazer foi todo meu. ;-)
  9. Antagonism

    Antagonism Member

    Ah, you speak Catalan? That´s good to hear. Didn´t know many outside the country spoke it. By the way, I ain´t partial to Spanish because the fucking Spanish government made me sweat for eight months when I sent my studies to them to be convalidated. They refused to accept them and now I am stuck in shit because of them.
  10. Muscle750

    Muscle750 New Member

    I'd of bust them straight in the mouth and say do it ya fuckin self ya fat cunt
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