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I hate those type of people's

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Anger' started by Taco_King, May 20, 2019.

  1. Taco_King

    Taco_King New Member

    I really hate people's who think they are all and complain about the responsible there have, what I mean by don't ever give a people's " hey I thought you could do it" because it's proven my point that you're incompetent toward yourself, something about those people's complain about how they live is and me why you acting like that or give them the ideas that I'm better than you...... Honestly, those people's deserved to die (in my opinion).

    I'm trying to understand people's in society because it makes no sense what people's are doing from forcing their agenda/belief toward you or make you do WHAT THEY want, which prove my point nothing change like I'm trying to change from the simple thing to big thing but sadly humanity is a lost cause that I honestly deserved some sort of slap in the face for everyone because I'm complaining on in my eye, grown-ass adult are fighting the thing that shouldn't be fighting over.

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