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Girl who lives in our complex

Discussion in 'Driver Complaints' started by Naps With Cats, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. SO THIS MOTHER-FUCKING CHICK (I actually get along with, but HATE this about her), drives up a narrow and winding driveway with her peddle to the floor every fucking day and every fucking night.

    There are a few tenants here who have outdoor cats (Mine are all indoor-only) and if she kills one of them, I am going to have to shake her until she gets some sense in her head. We used to talk and then both she and her boyfriend started not talking to anyone here. I literally had to jump out of her fucking way just a couple days ago and she didn't even try to slow down.

    I have bad bones from sports injuries and herniating my disk, etc. My hips are almost gone and it hurt me to have to jump. And NO, I wasn't in the fuckin' middle of the driveway - she swerves because she has no fucking control of her car and doesn't give a shit about anyone, just like everyone else around here these days. Used to be apartments years ago and everyone was friendly (and local) with everyone.

    Now they're "condos" owned individually and all the fucking, FUCKING valley rats are moving over here with their bad ass [sic] selves thinking they own everybody and they deserve everything given to them . . . mother fuckers.

    This town used to be a nice touristy town; they came, spent their money, were very loud, but stayed at the HOTELS and left after holidays. NOW they're buying, it makes me sick. They all suck!!!

    The valley rats (as we locals have always called them) have always called them this. We loved them when they stayed in hotels; now they're moving here, or buying vacation homes and when here, act like idiots; like people don't have jobs, loud at all hours. Fuck them all.

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  2. D Stood

    D Stood New Member

    Hey Naps With Craps! It's you again. Why don't you show this silly woman once and for all how her driving could cause an accident by throwing a couple of the local "street" cats under the wheels of her car. That will make her think twice in the future! HA!
  3. Dark Fire

    Dark Fire Member

    I'm inclined to agree with you.
    Scare her to fuckin death.

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