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Football to the temple!

Discussion in 'Did you piss somebody off?' started by Antagonism, Dec 15, 2009.

  1. Antagonism

    Antagonism Member

    On May 16th 1997, a day I've never forgotten because it was such a landmark one in my life, I pissed somebody off... but he wasn't angry at me! I was playing football with three of my friends, Tom, Roderick and Sam and after a lengthy game, the shit hit the fan big time!

    Roderick went off, to pick up his jacket that he and I were using as makeshift goal posts while Tom and Sam started grappling on their feet. I was struck by a brilliant idea! I picked up the football, held it at shoulder length, walked over to Tom and sam and BAM - I kicked the ball right at Tom... it smacked him in the side of the temple. I was actually overpowered by how accurately I'd hit him and turned away, almost in shock at my own brilliance. I turned around about ten seconds later and I saw Roderick on his back and watched as Tom kicked him hard in the leg. I asked him about it later and Tom revealed that Roderick had laughed at him after he got hit by the ball.

    :)Wowee! I pissed somebody off, but they didn't come and beat the shit outta me! Somebody else took the fall for me, OMG!:eek:

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