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Feel free to stick your nose in our business !

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by OldAdmin, Feb 3, 2006.

  1. OldAdmin

    OldAdmin Administrator

    Yeah you heard me ! Wanna say something about AngryForum, do it here ! ;)
  2. melinda

    melinda New Member

    I love the layout ... it makes me feel so ... angry, but in a good way ;)
  3. VDHG

    VDHG New Member

    Very nice layout. Makes me feel all angry inside.
  4. smub

    smub New Member

    very nice forum to relief stress because you can take all the anger out here :)

    great idea
  5. Antagonism

    Antagonism Member

    I agree. However it is a pity that not many people stay to post replies to our threads. I believe that feedback and responses do help to give us perspectives on things. Most other forums have members that either daily or every two or three days, depending on how busy they are, respond to each other.

    I would like us to do that here if time permits. We're a community of angry people after all. Let's interact more with each other.

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