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driving to slow

Discussion in 'Driver Complaints' started by CONNIE, Apr 5, 2011.


    CONNIE New Member

    Every one has to have some complaint in regards to this subject.

    One day when I was leaving my house heading to town I see a small Toyota truck coming out of the drive way of a neighbor’s yard. He is 5 drive ways down. He waits and then pulls out just in front of me, causing me to break so I don’t hit the jackass. Then he proceeds to drive at 15 miles an hour talking to the guy with him, point out the window at this and that. There was no one behind me, he could have waited till I passed, but no. For half a mile I had to follow the jackass, between oncoming traffic, sharp turns, his swerving all over and speed bumps I could not pass him. Man was I happy when he turned off and I could go 45 , get to town before I shriveled and died.
  2. What a jerk! I would have called the police, given them his license number and said he was driving waaaaaaaaay under the speed limit and you thought he might have been drinking.
    lol, it would have gotten him off the road anyways! (They probably were drinking!)
  3. Ben Dover

    Ben Dover Member

    damn a whole half mile... i thought you were gonna be pissed about something piss-off-able?
  4. Let's consider that Connie may have been driving with an extremely full bladder at the time, now that would piss . . .

  5. Dark Fire

    Dark Fire Member

    What a knob. You should have rammed the motherfucker; well perhaps not ram per-say.
    There are some fuck ups out there Connie, just imagine someone hitting them in their arse and their face rebounding off of the steering wheel.

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