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A forum specific for the mentally/emotionally ill; handicapped. We are so misunderstood

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Naps With Cats, May 29, 2011.

  1. I have PTSD, DID, Major Depression/Anxiety and all fucking side-effects associated with the PTSD, DID, Maj. Dep. which are a lot.

    So many people do not understand mental illness and it can be extraordinarily frustrating because people don't want to be around us; they don't validate us for who we are; we are definitely treated differently .

    It would be so nice to share anger with people of like mind. Any type of mental or emotional (or even physical illness (loss of limb; deformity, etc.) that drives us fucking nuts sometimes by the way people treat us, and just because we're angry and we need to vent.

    Just thinking it could help a lot of people that might not feel they fit in with the supposedly "normal" crowd, and yet still become enraged (I have a lot of rage, but it's
    not constant).

    You might get some returning soldiers on here that suffer PTSD, amputations, anger with the big changes they've been through in transitioning from war to coming home.

    Once it gets going, the link could be sent to Veteran's Halls and such and it could be a great outlet for the multitudes.

    What do you think?
  2. Ben Dover

    Ben Dover Member

    I think you have as much right to be here, (or anywhere else) as anyone does.
    Glad to make your aquaintance... And i must say, this is a sensible post.
  3. Thank you Ben Dover!

    Sometimes I don't make sense, or close to disassociating, but might want to try to write something as I'm falling into it (never tried that) - not sure how that would play out. (Not sure if I could do it, actually.)

    O prazer foi todo meu to conhecer!
    (The pleasure was all mine to come to know you!)


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